Firefox question

@dragan80 (920)
May 13, 2007 10:30am CST
I'm currently using FF 1.5. Do you think it's best to update to 2.0 version? Will all my extensions and plugins work?
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• Philippines
3 Oct 07
Why not upgrade your browser now. Firefox 2.0 is very well enhanced when compared to the old version, but the decision will still be yours. Currently, I am using opera as my main browser. I am so impressed and grateful with its speed performance. Have a nice day and God speed!
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@nsangno (63)
• Thailand
24 May 07
I'm using Firefox v. and it serves me well. So I think you should upgrade. For me Firefox is also much better than IE 7. IE 7 usually crashes and I don't know why.
• Malaysia
24 May 07
1.5 is very not update...
• Italy
15 May 07
The version 2.0.x of browser IMHO is a step above the 1.5.x. The rendering engine can manipulate pages surely better than before. Regarding retro-compatibility on the exit of 2.0 most of them doesn't work, but now time passed and extensions authors worked on a new version of most common extensions. If some of your "vital" extensions doesn't work you can always come back with a re-installation of a 1.5.x version. For plugins isn't problems, the engine is Firefox as same, so go straight to 2.0 version.
@itasor (1)
• United States
13 May 07
I personally think it is best to use the latest version of any browser. The way web pages are made is always changing and browsers are constantly able to display pages faster and more efficiently. If you know the name of your extensions and plugins, go back to the download site and see if they are compatible with 2.0. Most likely they will be, or there will be an upgrade that you an download once you upgrade, but it is possible that something might be incompatible. Better to check before you upgrade.