List your most terrible projects for school.

@tanjila (548)
United States
May 13, 2007 11:11am CST
Some teachers just think of the greatest projects to do, don't they? Worth half your grade, involving a ridiculous amount of effort, research, crap. The worst projects I've had to do are always in my honors classes, of course. This year I had two awful ones. One was a research project for language arts where I had to research a decade and write a ten page paper on it. I also had to research an author from the time and elaborate on how their work was influenced by the era and affected it. Yeah, real pain in the butt. I put it off until the last day and made it five pages, and barely talked about the author. Got a 70 on it, barely passing grade. lol. My other project, which I still have yet to do and is due tomorrow, is for history. We've had to go around looking up old buildings in my city and finding old photographs of them, and then take a picture of the same building in the old photo's same composition. Pretty interesting really, but not so great to do over a weekend. It's worth quite a chunk of my grade too. My first real disaster of a project though was in my freshman year of high school in Biology. I don't even remember exactly what it was but it was some sort of ten page report on a job pertaining to biology. We had to interview someone involved in it and it was a real mess. I don't even know what kind of grade I got, but it must have been terrible, I failed that semester =p
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