What do you think is the most prolific movie of our time?

United States
May 13, 2007 12:59pm CST
What movie do you feel made the biggest change in our time? How did it make the change? Was it for the better or for the worse? I know alot of people will probably say Passion of the Christ but there are others! Malcom X, JFK, World Trade Center, ect.... One that has always stuck in my head since I saw it in highschool some 16 years ago is THE KILLING FIELDS! It brought into prospective what the Kahmir Ruge did to the people in Cambodia and how thankful I should be for being in the untied states! The Kahmir Ruge did same race genocide!!! There was fields filled with dead people and bones... there was blood filled water!!! The atrocities done was horrific!!! I have always been more appreciative that i am in the states!!! That we have laws and rights!!! Stuff that the cambodians never had freedom!!!! So what movie do you think changed us or our generation?? I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!!!
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