I don't like the new host of the show - CHEATERS

@ainee82 (618)
May 13, 2007 12:59pm CST
i first watched cheaters when i had nothing else better to do but play remote commando as a couch potato at home.. it's usually shown during the wee hours of dawn.. it's really intriguing and it showcases real people and real cheaters. You will how much of a liar a person can be. And just by seeing the look on the cheater's face when they get caught. sometimes just by watching it i get carried away by my emotions. I feel bad for the person being cheated. I hate the cheater. And i feel like i'd want to beat the both 2 up. especially when the person finds out that his or her beloved partner is going out or have been sleeping with a close friend of yours, your room mate, sister, best friend and even employees... oh and i also got to see the niece part. anyway, i've been an avid fan of the show. i liked the old host. the tall one who speaks calmly but firm with what he's saying. I like how he wears that black jacket looking like a nice detective and ready to catch the bad guys on this case the cheaters. he looks like he could protect me.. but the new one.. heck.. he's short.. ok ok so he wears the same jacket.. and even has the same hair do.. but please! he's not cut out to be the host. sometimes it even shows on cam when he gets nervous when they catch a cheater who tends to be violent. another thing, he's not really good as a host. please get the old host back. please. or can somebody tell me why they changed the host there?
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