Canada should get tough on this!

@golfproo (1841)
May 13, 2007 3:29pm CST
Just to be clear...I do NOT recommend watching pirated movies. Quite simply, I believe the whole concept and idea is wrong. People actually go into a movie theatre and video a new release movie, and then they turn around and sell it dirt cheap. No wonder the movie industry is furious...and dare I say it...petrified of this! I think that this practice actually does a LOT of harm to the whole movie industry. The more people that get a hold of these movies, means the more people who will not spend their money seeing the new releases at the theatres. Many countries have taken some solid steps at outlawing this practice. However, Canada lags behind. There are tons of little stores that specialize in just selling these movies. I believe the government should take a stronger stand and put these places out of business. This is very similar to what has happened with piracy in the music industry. Now the big releases (Pirates of the Carribbean for instance) will not even preview in Canada. That hurts us movie lovers who would not even dream of buying one of these inferior pirated movies. Any thoughts about this? I would like to know who thinks this practice should be allowed and those who see it as a destructive process that must be stopped. cheers
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@Tanya8 (1734)
• Canada
13 May 07
I hope they act soon. It's frustrating to miss out on the pre-views and therefore the reviews in advance of the main releases. I was actually surprised to hear on the news that Canada was so far behind on creating piracy laws. I've never seen places where you can buy pirated films around here. I wouldn't ever buy them any way. I find piracy a huge annoyance. Because of piracy, the rest of the non-pirating public has to deal with all the retaliatory meausures of the film industry. I hate how, if I'm watching a DVD that I legitimately bought, and someone accidentally sits on the remote control, we have to go through all the warning info all over again. I also hate it when films marketed at pre-school kids, have that loud, adult-oriented mini-film warning against piracy at the beginning.
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