Wish you had a share in Google when it started?

May 13, 2007 5:13pm CST
Well, so do I, but I could not foresee the future growth in search engines. However, here is a chance for everyone to get a FREE share in a brand new search engine, that certainly compares well with Google. There is no commission, up lines, down lines for giving you this tip, but I have tried it, and it's a great search engine, so the more people that use it and want a free share in it, the quicker it will reach the top, and who knows how much it will be worth in time. Here is the address www.windizzi.com Please note, no links for me on the site, so feel free to take a look. It has details how to join. Good luck.
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• United States
24 Nov 07
Cool, thanks, Spirit! I've been using ZotSpot.com, but it can't hurt to have two paying engines. Thanks again for the tip.