athletes's payment

May 14, 2007 1:06am CST
you know, in almost everycountry, athletes, such as soccer player, basketball player can acquire a high salary. do you think it's normal and necessary? why? give us your idea!
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• United States
14 May 07
i think the million dollar contracts that athletes get per YEAR or GAME even, are utterly unnecessary, ridiculous and undeserved. unfortunatly, it is a normal occurance nowadays. personally i feel that the ppl that deserve such outrageous salaries are the ones that risk life and limb in protection of others. the firefighters, rescue workers, police..shoot even teachers deserved a hell of a lot more than they get!! someone who plays a game...even if they are the greatest player ever, is still just PLAYING A GAME!
• China
14 May 07
Yeh, i agree with you! and i think it's hard to accept emotionally, it seems what they do is small,but what they get is so big. it is not proportional! but from the view in economics, the supply of athletes is lack of elasticity, so economic rent exists and could be obtained by the supplier.