i am actually fed up with my family ,what should i do

May 14, 2007 6:00am CST
i have been through a lot of stress these days ,just b'coz my family does not want to support my work niether my feelings ,its only like i have to do what they say irrespective of what i feel abt that ,i have managed to stay calm for the last 3 yrs but now i cannot have that anymore ,plz tell me what should i do , i am planning to leave my house ,am i correct , as no talking has made any effect to them so i do not have a choice .
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@Gemmygirl1 (2870)
• Australia
16 May 07
I guess it depends on what you're doing for work & what sort of expectations they had for you. I know it can be hard but maybe you need a little time away, to yourself. I'm not sure moving out will solve the problem coz they will still be against whatever your job is. I have to admit, i am curious to know what you do for a living, it might help to understand why your family is so against it. Some parent's have dreams for their kids & if your chosen profession has fallen short of what they'd dreamed for you, it could be very upsetting to them. Especially if you could be doing something much better. Keep your chin up, perhaps take yourself on a little holiday away & see what hsppens when you get home :)
• China
14 May 07
I agree with you.your problem is my problem.I also don't know what to do ~~
@lafavorito (2970)
• Philippines
14 May 07
I'm so sorry that your family doesn't support you, they probably have different ideas or dreams for you. You must stay calm or you might say anything that you'll regret later on. If you want to move out and have your own house, you must first consider the expenses of living by yourself. Good luck.
@lonely_f16 (2147)
• Philippines
14 May 07
i know you are fed up with them already..it's good to take a vacation or rest for awhile but do not close your doors for reconciliation. I mean, if there's a chance that you can resolve your issues. Please do so. You only have one family in your life aside from the future family that you will have so it's really important to get back to resolve this