alcohol has stolen a life

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May 14, 2007 8:03am CST
my brother is an alcoholic he has tried to get off it but to no avail, being an alcoholic has ruined most of his life he has lost 3 children to foster homes, and one more my sister takes care of, he has lost his liscense, he has no job , no home, and has depression, but when he is not drinking ha is a very kind and enjoyable person and would do anything for any one except stop drinking, and because of drinking he has lost some of the most important things in his life, we try to keep incouraging him in hopes he will stop before it takes his life completely, i don't have a problem with drinking as long as it doesn't consume your life and destroy it. he has helped me out at times and others as well but he can't help himself. i love my brother but it is so hard to watch his life being destroyed by a bottle, we had a cookout yesterday for mothers day and some of us wanted wine coolers but we had to put it in glasses, so he would not be tempted. i can only hope god can give him a hand , and guide him to a safer place in his life. i dont want him to die, but if he doesn't stop now it will be inevitible. addiction is a terrible thing when it controls you so far as to be more important than your own children and family. i know it's hard, but if you can please check into a rehab center if you have an addiction it can save not only your life but your families as well, a families biggest pain is to have to bury a loved one!!
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@eden32 (3976)
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4 Jun 07
I hope your brother chooses to get help & finds recovery. It's out there, if he chooses it. For you though, have you considered alanon? It's a program similar to AA for families of addicts.