do you prefer to be alone or in a crowd?

May 14, 2007 9:07am CST
are you a loner or do you prefer to be with lots of people? I prefer to be with lots of people than to be alone....being alone is my greatest fear...but sometimes...i need time to i stay at home and about you?do you prefer to be alone or in a crowd?
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• Pakistan
13 Nov 07
I want to live alone. I can think, read and write well when I keep myself alone. Crowd does not allow you to work as you can do it in alone position. I am sitting alone in my computer room and posting this respond. I can not do it in a crowd. I can not study in crowd. world is become over crowded. Increase in crowd means increase in problems. So I like to live alone and want to work as much as I can do.
@kirith (27)
• India
10 Sep 07
hi, I do not like to be alone ,I feel bored when ever im alone and so I be with my family or my friends .. I always hang out with my friends and out to some entertaining places and at work also I spend time with my colleagues and when I am alone I spend time playing games
• Philippines
25 Jul 07
Many times I find myself relishing and loving the solitude and I honestly don't know why for I will never consider myself a loner. Maybe it's become I feel more free when I am alone.
@henazea (313)
• Kuwait
14 May 07
I happen to be a hostelite..I spend most of the year in a hostel and sometimes when all my friends go back to their and I m left alone..the lonliness makes me go mad... but their are times when I feel the need for some time alone to unwind from the heavy college schedule...