underground music & clothing

United States
May 14, 2007 4:13pm CST
ESASINS ENTERTAINMENT & E.O.E. PRODUCTIONS: Underground Talent nobody seems to talk about anymore. I'm a huge fan of underground music, besides these guy's and gal's are working hard as hell to achieve a dream that many top dog exec. don't give two $**t's about. I'm not talking your average garage band or local corner rappa, I'm talking about great music, hard working, and dedication to their passion. MUSICIANS. Who give their customers and FAN'S their money worth. Artist that give it 200% every night performing shows and gig's, here and there just waiting for their BIG Break. These are the people I'm talking about hard working underground music. I'm just wondering how most of music world feel about underground music, and why is it not talked about as much as the main stream music?
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