Fast food and Hipocrisy

Saint Vincent And The Grenadines
May 14, 2007 5:37pm CST
I always hear that fast food is horrible, and that our kids are growing fat because they have too many cheeseburgers etc. So what the Media and politicians say to that is: let's eradicate fast food. And that simply makes me smile with sarcasm: I am not going to defend McDonalds and all those companies. Their job is to make money, as any other company. But i don't think we should place all the guilt in them at all. The main share of it is in our bad eating habits, unbalance feeding, lack of vegetables, lack of excercise, etc. Eating a Bic Mac once in a while is not bad, in fact it is good because it makes you happy to be eating it. And that's health, my friends. The key is keeping the necessary balance between health, happiness ....and sanity!! some people need to get a grip!
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• Austria
15 May 07
I suggest you watch Super Size Me, read Fast Food Nation, then you won't go calling McDonalds healthy. second... you are right on the consumers being to blame for being fat. Everyone knows McD is bad for you, it's full of fat (Fat is where the flavor is people) and other very unhealthy ingredients that aren't natural or are but aren't fit for consumption, we all know this, but we are lazy and we want food when we want it and most of the time we don't even want to take the time to park the car and walk into a healthy place, we just want to grab some cheap food at the drive through. There's the other problem, we don't want to walk anymore, we just want to sit in the car, sit on our couch with the remote in hand, sit at the computer. If you want to keep from getting fat, from developing diabetes and heart disease and cancer, eat a salad instead of the meat and fat then get off the couch and go for a walk. Yes people need to take responsibility for their own action and inaction.