What would you like to have first?Boy or Girl

baby - small cute baby
@rb200406 (1825)
May 15, 2007 1:56am CST
What would you like to have a boy or girl?I mean preference.I myself has no such preference but i would like to have a girl child mostly aby adopting.
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@Ashgun (472)
18 May 07
I would love to have a baby girl! they are so cute and generally girls care more for their parents! I hope god do listen to me and gives me a girl! But my husband would ove to have a boy but i last month we were talking about that and he agreed that girls are more sensitive and sweet. They are so easy to handle that boys. Anyway someone can disagree with me but each person has his/her own preference!
@Ashgun (472)
31 May 07
Thank you very much for the best response!!!!
@vjr_1979 (133)
• Romania
15 May 07
I would like first a boy and then a girl, because I want the boy to be older so he can protect his sister in the hour of need.