Bean Soup --Soul food

South Africa
May 15, 2007 2:07am CST
Here is Dear Old Mrs. Sweetnam's (Gran's best friend) Recipe for The Greatest Bean Soup I have ever tasted. Ingredients: 1 x good slice beef shin 1 x small smoked eisbein(pork shank) 200g celery 200g carrots 2 x large white onions 3 x cloves garlic 1/2 Kg sugar dried beans 3 x tbs red wine vinigar 3 x tbs vegetable oil a bouquet garni lots of thyme & 3 bay leaves 2 x litres beef stock Method: dice all veggies heat oil in a good heavy pot fry onions until brown add carrot celery and garlic fry lightly remove from pan fry shin until brown on all sides return veggies to pan add red wine vinigar stir well to deglaze pan add bouquet garni, pork and Soaked beans add beef stock simmer for 2 hours or until beans are soft take abot 2 cups of beans out of pot blend until smooth return to pot stir and simmer 2 mins serve with crusty buttered bread very very nice with soft dumpling enjoy!!!!
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