what can help you through the days losing your pet?

May 15, 2007 3:45am CST
my friend has just lost his dog,so he is distressed and reticent these days,i don't what can i say and do to help him get through this hard time.i think some of us had experienced same thing before, do you have some good ideas to offer? i am sure there must be something we can do to help my friend. i really care about him.
2 responses
@steve9737 (918)
• Colombia
11 Jul 07
I think he would fell better if he get a new dog, maybe some similar to the lost dog, it would help him to forget a bit his love dog, anyway it is hard when you lose a love someone, even if it is a animal.
@ccamsi (13)
• South Korea
5 Jun 07
Please, tell your friend that instead of remembering his past dog, why not adopt another dog from the shelter.