What kind of dreams you get?

@jetling (233)
May 15, 2007 7:03am CST
Dreams are fantacy experience. Our dreams are basically depends upon our thinking process. We we think positively we can get positive things in the dreams and we are negative we shall get negative dreams. There are some people who foresee happening events in the dreams, we get number of dreams in our sleep but as per scientific studies it is revealed that only 0.1% dreams are being remembered remaining dreams we wont remember. Do u get dreams, and what kind of dreams u get.
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• Nigeria
15 May 07
well some times it is noticed that if any thing u think of before u sleep u will surely dream of that thing it is natural.also it follows with the fact that if u think of positive things u will dream positive. for me sometimes if i dream its rearly for me to forget but sometimes i do forget totally what i dreamnt of. some of my dreams come to pass why some just mere dreams.Another thing someone need to concider is that if u sleep hungry u will dream that u are eating. so thats it.