Pokemon on Ps2!!

May 15, 2007 7:36am CST
I'm just curious to find out if anyone thinks nintendo should team up with sony and make a pokemon game for the ps2. Can you imagine how amazing the gameplay would be? Think of pokemon on gameboy and ds, but think of it 10x better! What are your views?
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• Portugal
11 Jun 07
First of all, nintendo would never sell any rights to sony of one of their best sellers, like pokemon. Secondly, pokemon in ps2 would be as good as pokemon in gamecube or wii, because pokemon graphics do not tend to be realist, they tend to be just as they are, comics. And I think pokemon is mainly a pocket game, so it should be on portable consoles. Your view is just from someone who own a ps2, and also like pokemon, but never thought about buying a gamecube (because there are pokemon games on GC) or wii (Pokemon Battle Revolution will be availiable for Wii in some time)
12 Jun 07
If the Wii has the normal pokemon games like Diamond and Pearl then I would consider getting it.
• United States
29 May 07
There would not be much support for it, seeing as the target audience for a PS2 are different from the target Pokemon audience. I don't know why you would think it being on the PS2 would make it "10x" better. Pokemon is not a game about graphics, it's a game about content...to which changing systems would add no benefit.
30 May 07
I disagree, I think that the graphics wouls make the game a lot better. True, the content makes the game, but the graphics make it better. Why else would you have consoles like the xbox 360, games like Hitman: Blood Money, which you can play on xbox and xbox 360? Exactly the same game but made with better graphics...
• United States
11 Dec 07
I say it wouldn't make any difference if pokemon were to be on playstation 2. I know that it in the present Nintendo won't sell the rights to pokemon to sony or any other company for that matter.
• Brazil
1 Sep 07
Even though it would be a great idea, it will never happen. Sony and Nintendo are most likely mortal enemies when it comes to video games.
• United States
20 Aug 07
I personally don't think that Nintendo would ever sell the rights to pokemon. But if they did I think it would be an awesome game. Although I don't think there is too much to improve on... Nintendo is really doing a great job.