The instituition called 'family'

May 15, 2007 9:36am CST
I think family is the most beautiful instituition man has ever created. The essence of commitment, security and selflessness in the bond between a family doesn't come with you when you stay alone. Are you a person attached to your family? Don't you feel homesick when you're away or do you just like being alone? (boo loner :P)
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• China
15 May 07
I'm a college student in my sophomore year.The year before last I came to my university .That was the first time I leave my family to another city.When my father turned his back on me and headed for the car,said: " Take care of yourself."My tears rushed out of my eyes.The first week after that,I became homesick and I missed my father so much.I even weeped when I was having my meals in the cafeteria for it reminded me my beloved father:) But now,I have completely adjusted my life in this new circumstance.
• India
15 May 07
Aww thats really touching. :)
• India
18 May 07
My attachment to my family is one of the reasons I don't want to leave home for higher studies.