Does Our Election Results Still Credible?

May 15, 2007 3:20pm CST
We're already in the process of canvassing votes...And here we go once again... Exit polls had already started and still... some candidates cannot accept the fact that they failed to get the ticket. The question: Does our election results still credible? I've been a voter for almost ten years and I never heard or experienced that the election was conducted fair and square because of these candidates. As of now, more than 200 civilians (including teachers) were killed since the campaign period started. Here in our place (at Caloocan City), one night (few days before the election day), I was on my way home when I accidentally get this piece of paper from our bakery. It was a leaflet coming from one of the candidates. I was shocked when I read it (honestly, it gets my attention when I was reading it). The message was about from our incumbent Mayor Recom Echiverri. As I read its content, I was so shocked because the content of the leaflet was so desperating. I never thought that this candidate would be this frustrated in winning the ticket for Mayorial seat (and was a jerk!). I feel sorry for this "former mayor" of ours because as his volunteers/supporters distributed this leaflet, it just shows that he was not just a frustrated mayor, but a big loser. He can't play fair and square. If a candidate has been in to politics for a quite sometime and confident enough to get the crowd's trust, I don't think it is necessary for him or her to distribute such informations or parafernalias that would destroy one's credentials. The other night then, I saw some photocopied leaflets (pretty obvious came from this loser candidate) stressing the opressed tax done by our incumbent mayor comparing its figures during his tenure as a mayor. I might say that his accusation might be true but, when Mayor Echiverri took his place and become our City Mayor, the fund was I belived in zero balance because he (the preceded mayor) wasn't able to pay the City Hall's telephone bill that's why when I was trying to call our City Hall, all phone lines were disconnected. Here's another issue: The preceded mayor spent 11 million pesos (take note, not just thousands of pesos, but millions and it's no joke!) for converting the bonifacio monument into park (o di ba, saan ka pa?) which is I don't think that project was not that important. Since he converted the monument into park, the road along EDSA (in front of Gen. Tinio) became prone into vehicular accidents. If he just spent the budget wisely like having feeding programs or housing programs for the less fortunate families, I think he'll still be our mayor. Going to our senatorial canvassing, I'm happy (and I think some of the youths were happy too) because Chiz Escudero was still and consistent on the lead according to Media and Namfrel quick count. Actually, it is early for me to be happy and celebrating because the canvassing is not yet over and things can change... especially when the "dadag-bawas" started operating... Actually, it has already started in provinces. Also, it was amazing that Sonny Trillanes made it to the magic 12 senatorial seat (please take note that he never get the chance to do motorcading or produce his political advertisement compared to other candidates). I hope he'll make it up to the end of canvass. I believe he can also be not just a magdalo leader but also a good legislator. Well, I do hope that these poll watchers were doing their jobs for protecting our votes. Let us salute our teachers of sparing their lives for protecting our votes! Let us help them protect our votes by guarding it and never allowed these frustrated candidates to get the ticket. They never deserve to get elected especially those frustrated ones. Let's be cooperative to each other.
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