prices going up......way more than my pay......

United States
May 15, 2007 6:04pm CST
What's with everything going up? Gas price, groceries, utilities, electricity. I mean where does a guy catch a break. Everything is going up except my pay. I feel a an empty spot in my stomach and wallet everytime I pay to fill up my gas tank. I got my electric bill the other day and I was told in the bill rates are going up again! So then I went to go get groceries at the store, milk had went up, eggs, ORANGE JUICE for crying out loud. $5 buck a gallon. I'll stick with water. Cause that's all I can afford. Bread and water. I should get thrown in jail, at least it would be easier and It's paid for! I mean we have guys in prison getting FREE education that we pay for with taxes. Don't get me wrong I make enought and that's the problem. any thoughts
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