Oh my God! Politics...!!! (12 May 07)

@Kazima (13)
May 15, 2007 6:37pm CST
I hate politics & polititions... Let me tell you something usefull about politics.... The word "Poli" means Many (in certain language(may be latin)),And "Tics" are Blood Sucking Paracites! YUP Then I Think we are enough smart to get the meaning of the "Polititions"... In Karachi-Pakistan Many people got killed on 12th of May 2007. Hundreds of them got greatly engered! We live in karachi from 3-4 days we didnot even put a step out of out houses! Cause stricks where continued till now!!! Get full report from " www.geotv.com " Why do Polititics do such a big loss of innocent lifes? Do anyone have the ans....?
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