how to cope with post-natal depression?

May 15, 2007 7:40pm CST
now im not a mom or an expecting mom. hehe! im just curious on how mothers dealt with their post-natal depression. i know the answers can be found in books as well as the net but i just want to know from the mothers who have experienced and got over it themselves. :) so can anyone share their experience on how it feels to have post-natal depression and how they dealt with it?
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@cynddvs (2950)
• United States
16 May 07
Well the biggest part of coping with post partum depression is realizing you have it. After I had my daughter I was always really sad and had no idea why. I mean here I am with this beautiful, healthy little baby so why should I be so sad. But after talking to my midwife at my 6 week checkup she told me I was experiencing some post partum depression. She prescribed me some Zoloft to get me through the bad part of it and recommended that I talk about it. I never went to a professional about it. But I was really active on Myspace at that point and was a member of several mom groups. I started seeing more and more moms on there talking about PPD. So I decided to start my own little support group on their for women going through ppd. It was really great to be able to talk to these women and be able to share our stories and support each other. It has been over a year now and most of us are past it now but we have still remained really close friends.
• Philippines
21 May 07
oh, thank you so much for taking time to answer my discussion. im glad that you have shared your experience and i am also glad to know that you have already moved on from that experience. :) thank you for providing me with information from a first hand experience. god bless! :)