How to loose weight?

May 16, 2007 12:48am CST
Can any one tell me some nice diet plans? I have to loose atleast 20 kgs with in next 6 months...Just waiting for your responses...
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• Australia
23 May 07
Hello ashleyHasan I think diet and do more exercise is the best way. Managed your food and weight training. I used to replace my breakfast and dinner with low fat milk and eat lunch in half portion. Drink a lot of water everyday and go to gym 5 times a week I workout 1 -2 hours in the treadmill and 1 and half hour for weight training. Do it step by step and increase your repetition and weight. than you will see the result just in 3 months. I have some tips on my website too. Good luck and God bless you *angel
• India
24 May 07
Thank you Angel! I will follow your instructions..
@johnwoon (125)
• Malaysia
19 May 07
This is a tough one. Many have tried strict diet low in carbohydrates like potatoes, bread and rice and all sweetened food and drinks plus daily exercise. While some succeed others don't. If you have similarly tried on your own and failed I suggest you enroll yourself in a sliming school so that you can get professional help.
• India
22 May 07
Thank you very much , I will check that website..