Do you think there's only one soulmate for everyone, or more??

@lrincon1 (157)
United States
May 16, 2007 2:24am CST
I think there's only one person out there for everyone. Some people think there's only more than one soulmate for each person and that you can love more than once. You can fall in love more than once but true love is only one. Sometimes people think they are in love with someone but it's just lust. Like me, I thought I really loved my ex boyfriend but when I met my current boyfriend I realized that what I felt for my ex was not true love, what I feel for my boyfriend is different, it's real love.
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• United States
16 May 07
I use to think the same way you do. But I learned and well, this is just my opinion, that there are NO two people that are meant to be. There is no such thing. You will find someone who is right for you but you can also find someone else who can be right for you as well. What makes a relationship last for ever? DETERMINATION to make it work. It's not an easy job. That's y so many people divorce. You think that all the relationships and couples who've broken up didn't love each other? A lot of them did. However, a takes a lot more than love to make it work. And it has nothing to do with soulmates. That is just a fairy tale.
@mrsbrian (1951)
• United States
16 May 07
Although I believe you can love more than one time, I think there are different kinds of love,you can love one more than another and in different ways. You can love some one and think there your soulmate as I did but when you find your real soulmate you will know,this love is different than all others.After being married for 30 years to a man i knew was not my soulmate, I did find my soulmate we are connected in everyway thoughts,likes and dislikes,values of life,our thoughts are many times the same as we say the same thing or are thinking the exact same thing at the same time.
@fazelath (1176)
• India
16 May 07
soul mate can be more than one,a person with whom u get along very well,who understands u very well,loves u more then any thing in this world,there can be many people with whom we can get along very well and understand,it is just that we have to select a right person