May 16, 2007 9:26am CST
Life is beautiful . We should make it colourful. There is one movie "holi" in telugu. Its title song is Life is beautiful make it colourful.
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@faruqy (155)
• Indonesia
16 May 07
Life is not always beautiful. But if you say life is colorful, I think you right. Sometime life is like a red color that make you fell happy and have full energy. But sometime life is like a dark color that make you feel sad and lost your motivation. By the way I feel confuse, is it beautiful is always colorful or colorful is always beautiful.
@dopey22girl (3324)
• United States
16 May 07
I agree, life is beautiful. I think we should cherish every moment of it, because you never know when it could end.
• Nepal
16 May 07
The meaning of life depends upon the person whom you ask. If you ask an business man then he would say "life is full of risk" if you ask a scientist he would say "life is full of mysteries" if you ask a lover he would say "life is beautiful" & finally if you ask a sad,desperate person he would say "I hate life it is full of sorrow and is hateful"...... So you get different replies from different people. It's good that you think life is beautiful but i guarantee that it's only till you are happy & it's going to be changed soon. So in real the meaning of life depends upon the nature and mood of a person. For me life is nothing than a illusion full of happiness and sadness.