shocking experience!

@nurhoney (1123)
May 16, 2007 12:30pm CST
Most people have had shocking experience in their lives. Either for the first time or more. I have had my share of shocking afternoon, my younger brother was playing outside with his ball, my sister and I were noisy dancing and singing upstairs while our house maid was doing her own thing. I dont know why I had this feeling to look out the window, so I did and I saw people running and some loud noise...gunshots!!! It was my first time to hear that noise and I knew it was gunshots coz of its sound like from movies. The people were screaming to watch out to inform other people...policemen were shouting "freeze! surrender!" Good thing my mind was still working that it made me go outside and look for my brother and brought him inside! The suspect and the policemen where exchanging gunfires to each other IN FRONT OF OUR HOUSE! We were all shocked like we dont know what to do to avoid any flying bullets! We went and hide in the toilet. We waited for the gunshots to vanish then when it finally did...we went to check in our window...we saw the suspect lying inside our neighbours gate covered with his blood. That was the first and actual gun shooting I have witness and hope to be the last one. How about you? Have you had a shocking experience in your life? What did you do?
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