Have you ever been grouchy to your honey and still he understood you?

@Abbyey (760)
May 16, 2007 3:53pm CST
There was a time when my honey asked me out for dinner. After dinner i felt so sleepy, i fell asleep in the movie house. We had to repeat the movie for the 2nd time (good thing thats free here in my country). Finally we finished the movie. But i was grouchy and unreasonable, at the moment i didnt know that i was. But he kept on cuddling me trying to shift my mood to a happier vibe. He expressed more understanding by hugging me and telling me how happy he is that i was able to spend some time with him knowing how tired i must be. It took my grouchy-ness away. But i only realized it the next day in the office when i was meditating. Immediately i called him, and i apologized. He said "No honey, i know how you felt that day. I wanted you to be happy even if you were being grouchy. I was happy that the day did end that i saw your beautiful smile." I was speechless and if felt my hand moved to my heart, i told him i love him, he said i love you more. How about you? have you ever been grouchy with your honey / boyfriend? If you were the guy was your girl been like this? How will you react?
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