Have you forget your wife/husband when you're in a PANIC scenario?

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May 16, 2007 7:58pm CST
It was this Mother's Day, when my cousin place was caught on fire. It was on the third floor, her 3 kids were their (eldedst 4years old, the next was around 2 years old and youngest was just months old). The 2nd child saw the fire first and he screamed "FIRE", the eldest heard him and also screamed "FIRE". They both shouted loudly and their baby sitter came running, and was able to bring them out immediately. A Pastor at the other building saw the fire and was able to call the firemen, they were able to handle everything before it gets worst. In this scenario the FATHER and MOTHER were out on a LUNCH date, they were in the MAll. The Mother was in the restroom when the FATHER got the call. He was in extreme PANIC mode that he rushed to the parking lot, got in the car and drove off rushing to HIS SONS. He totally forgot that he was with his wife. When the wife came out of the restroom she was also in PANIC mode but she could find his husband. She rode a TAXi and told him to bring her to the area. The Taxi Driver said "Oh ma'am we cant go there, because there was a house that is on fire right now." She shocked she raised her voice, "Bring me there thats my house." The driver agreed to to drive for her FAST. When she got there the fire was out and her kids were in the arms of her husband. At the moment she couldnt get angry but just came running to hug her kids too. After everything, she didnt get mad either instead she and her husband laugh about it. Her husband told her that he really did forget because of how much he was SO WORRIED for His Kids. I was glad that no one got hurt but when they told me about it, it actually made me laugh taking in consideration that they too laughed about it. Has this ever happen to you when you're husband or wife was in a panic mode that he/she forgot all about you?
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17 May 07
Well i dont have a husband right now, I dont think I need one at 18 ;P But I thought I would share my thoughts. I don't think it was wrong at all of him to forget his wife. I would not be angry at him either. It just shows how much he worries about and loves his children. It doesnt mean he loves his wife any less, but she wasn't the one he was told was in danger.