have u heard of the right way of eating fruits?

May 16, 2007 8:19pm CST
we all think that eating fruits means buying it, washing it, cutting it, and popping it into our mouths... but it's not just that easy as u think of... do u know how and when to eat it right? i have read an article related to how to eat fruits correctly... it says that the correct way of eating fruits is NOT EATING FRUITS AFTER UR MEALS, which is our usual doing... right? but fruits should be eaten in an EMPTY STOMACH... eating fruits that way will help u detoxify your system... also, it says, do not eat cooked fruits... cooking or heating it will lose its nutrients... u will only get to taste it but the nutrients are gone... cooking fruits will destroy all the vitamins in it.... hope this input will help you to be radiant...
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@fredgame (1261)
• China
6 Jul 07
yes, that's a good health point you've shared with mylotters. i've often eaten fruits after meals thinking that is the right manners. thanks for the sharing.
• Philippines
25 May 07
hmmmm thanks know i will eat fruits in a empty stomach maybe ill eat fruits early in the morning for my breakfast so i can be detoxfy.if u will have to cook fruits or veggy u have to cooked it by half cooked dont over cooked it so there is still nutrient that will be left in the fruits or in the veggy..
17 May 07
I have heard that you hsould not eat fruit on a fulls tomache but I think that eating fruit at any time must really have some benefit. I don't think that by cooking fruit or veg it will lose all its nutrients otherwise there would be no point in eating cooked fruits with our dinner!