nice place to raise a family?

May 17, 2007 12:37am CST
whatin canada that would be an ideal place to live and raise a family
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• Philippines
6 Jun 07
My best friend Alex, his parents and brothers and sisters have been in Canada for at least 15 years. Canada is freedom! You want to raise your family in a place with a low crime rate? Go to Canada. Canada allows one to retain whatever culture one brought into the country,(the good side only please) you don't have to lose ones language, the practices one grew up with. If you are American, Filipino,Chinese, Indian, European, etc.,you retain that and bring the best of your country in without losing your identity. You mix like a salad not a melting pot. It's a multicultural society. Children study up to high school for free, health care is practically free. If parents don't or have lost their jobs they get money from the goverment until they get a job, and the children also get money from the gov't. There are several pension plans. Most Canadians would rather let their elderly parents live with them or get LIVE-IN CAREGIVERS, than letting them stay in old folks home. The country is blessed with a natural beauty, cities are clean, pollution is minimal, discrimination is practically nonexistent, people are friendly. Most people have some form of religion, a majority of people are God Fearing. The best is that it is open for immigration especially if one is qualified. The country has problems also yet the best of Canada far outweighs the negative. What more do you want? Go for it!