Wonders of the World

@misdss (472)
May 17, 2007 8:32am CST
Hi all,We all are aware about the wonders of the world which our anchors have made through bricks and stones. From my point of view, they are just the physical wonders. If I compare today with modern wonders, I find them insignificant. I will talk about few virtua wonders about which experts are not talking today, people are not discussing about but for the betterment of coming generations, we must discuss more and more about these wonders that i am going to reveal in this discussion. And I will try to explain that why they are better wonders than physical wonders. Do share me your views like.. These Few virtual wonders occur becouse of Technology- Computers, Planes Globalization- One Globe, NewsPaper Democracy- India And some surprisable wonders of democracy are like.. 1- OSAMA thinking to become president of USA 2-Bill Clinton as US President and now trying to be the first husband. 3-Hamas ruling Palestine 4-Rabri As Chief Minister 5-Lalu as Railway Minister 6-Jayalalita as CM 7-Ahmadinejad ruling Iran 8-Uma bharti as CM. Give me your views.
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@shak143 (1280)
• India
17 May 07
It's nice but unrealistic.The first thing osama being president of US if he done this i don't think he will leave other religion people other than muslims.Lalu has become railway minister nothing wonder in it as he done well and prove himself.