Does having more friends in mylot affect our rating and earnings?

@piropos (312)
May 17, 2007 9:27am CST
I have read some discussions about denying and accepting friends. Some have decided to deny others since those that they have denied already have 3000 or so friends, that it would be impossible for them to respond to their discussions. Do we earn more points if we have more friends even if they don't respond to us? Does having more friends influence the star rating we have? Please enlighten me.
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• Philippines
17 May 07
It is quite a disadvantage having thousands and thousands of friends since it would be impossible to respond to all your friends' discussions. However, this is on the aspect of responding to their discussions. But if you are the one starting a discussion, your friends will be notified with regards to this. And you end up having hundreds of people responding to your discussions. That is the advantage of having a lot of friends on your list. Now, I am not sure if this will influence the star rating you have by having a lot of friends. If indeed it will, then i am going to add up and add up more friends to my list instead of responding to certain discussions. The more friends, the better? Well, I rather have a few so i can easily browse through the list to check up their profiles and discussions they have started.
@WebMann (4732)
• Canada
17 May 07
The only way having lots of friends will benefit you is if they visit your discussions and give you great content based responses and of course the better your discussions and their responses the better your reputation so the better your rating will be. When I respond to friends discussions I pick a few per day and respond, tomorrow I pick a few others on my friend list and respond to them. I must say I have not been around much because I have become extremely busy with my online business and clients, but when I do work myLot that is how I do it.