How much is Horoscope Matching relevant for marriages - especially in India?

May 17, 2007 9:39am CST
I'm in a marriageable age. Somehow by Grace of GOD and by my GURU's guidance - I totally know what I'm looking for in a girl. My Question is simple - I see many people around me matching JANAM PATRI's (Horoscopes) before they even talk. How much is this ancient knowledge of Astrology True Today? Should Horoscope matching be so much important over many characteristics of both prospective bride and grooms, which they both should know about before marrying each other?
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25 May 07
The practice of matching horoscopes before marriage is more predominant in Brahmin and Vaishya community in India. Why? People who believe more in going to the temple than worshipping God follow the rituals religiously. According to them... whatever has been ordained by God is an order from Almighty not within the powers of normal human beings to discard! Such communities match horoscopes before marrying their children. They go as per the tenets of religion. They do not want to wilfully attract the ire of God Almighty... So is their belief! According to them... to follow or not to follow is not within the competence of human beings. They simply follow what the priests proclaim. Horoscopes matching is a science. It simply cannot be discarded away as wasteful science. Everything in the cosmic system is made up of a cluster of atoms and molecules. 99% of every human being is made up of chemical substances and water. The science of horoscope believes in the fact that planetary system affects human beings in the same way as magnets attract iron. In spite of all... the power of discrimination vested in human beings by Grace of God must rule the roost. In some cases so is not the case. People get dictated more by the results of the horoscope. In the present times when science is at its peak... we must use our power of discrimination more than ritually following what horoscope says. What of those who do not follow the rules of the heart. Such people never change their way of working. They are simply bonded by the rules of religion and the dictates of the priests. I have observed that in present times, horoscopes matching is preferred as it helps in politely saying no to a proposal. In the disguise of horoscopes... most families find it comfortable to reject a proposal. We are presently passing through the Kali yuga phase of life when the trust between individuals is at its lowest ebb. In the circumstances... whom to believe or not to believe! One must follow the dictates of our soul atman... the voice of our soul atman that comes from within our heart and always guides us on the right path. More on horoscopes -
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14 Jul 13
Horoscope love matches is a great way forward for a great married life. The old Vedic astrology is sure proof of this. Should you require further proof as regards this please visit:
Vedic astrology has a wonderful and tested technique of horoscope matching online by way of looking at the individual nakshatras (Constellations), for the individuals concerned. This kundali matching technique assigns points for factors that influence a m