who did the most of the houseworks, u or yr bf/gf

May 17, 2007 9:48am CST
when i lived with my dad & mom, i never did any houseworks.but things changed when i moved to my bf's. i washed and cleaned and cooked all day. i was freak out nearly. but what could i say.. i love my boyfriend. so i have to keep going on. i'll get use to it if u love someone u r willing to do anything for him,right?
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17 May 07
I agree. I do most of the things related to our home. Since we moved back to my boyfriend's hometown and got a new apartment...that was in total need of fixing up (but it's free and his bosses pay for most of what needs to get done). I do almost all of the laundry. I'm the one who cleans the place. He had only done dishes here TWICE since we have lived here, once while I was out of town and asked him to please do them and once last night because he was trying to suck up for some reason. We have lived here for about 2.5mths. I do most of the food shopping as well as necessary items such as paper towels and toilet paper. I don't mind it, but some help would be nice from time to time.