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May 17, 2007 12:53pm CST
I've worked for a breeder for over a decade. I don't handle the actual breeding part, I just take care of the show dogs/breeding dogs/puppies as well as the boarding dogs. Well, I'm also the only one there who knows how to operate a computer, which makes me in charge of all computer stuff. Friday morning my boss came to me and told me that a woman in the next state was very interested in buying a puppy, but she didn't want to drive 4 hours just to see them and pick one out (they're not old enough to leave yet). So she wanted to be emailed photos. When I got home for lunch on Friday, the woman had already emailed wanting to know why she hadn't been sent photos yet- we don't have a computer at work, just my personal computer here at home. I explained that to her and told her I would get the photos to her when I got off of work. So, after working 11 hours on Friday, I went to my boss' home and took pictures of the puppies. I shot over a dozen "group photos", and front and side views of each puppy (there are 5). Then I took video of the puppies running and playing. I had also taken photos of the father while I was at work, and the mother while at my boss' house. There are only 2 puppies not spoken for, 1 male, 1 female- but the woman had to see the entire litter... not a problem. Now, I get nothing for this at all- I don't get anything from puppy sales, nor do I get paid for taking photos or designing the website or handling emails... yes, stupid on my part, but I do it to help my boss (she has given me a few dogs lol). So today, nearly a week later, I finally got an email back from the woman. The woman said... It's just not a good time right now, maybe the next litter. This woman has gotten information from numerous people about the kennel I work for, and all were glowing recommendations. It's just really irritating that I had to do all of this with the woman being so impatient about getting the photos and then the woman isn't going to get a puppy. I'm not complaining about people wanting pictures- On past litters I've went to my boss' house every week to take pictures of the pups developing so that people could keep a puppy scrapbook. I even recently had a woman who was a schoolteacher and wanted to know her puppies weight, height and length (as well as photos) every week to tell her elementary class about the puppies growth- I have no problem with that... I just dont want to be hounded all the time and then told "it's just not a good time"... Ok, my rant is over...
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17 May 07
Sounds like you really needed to vent. I would love to work with dogs, but that would piss me off too. Like you don't have your own life outside of work. I don't understand why she would want the photos if she can't get a puppy now, either. I hope you get a break..
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@breepeace (3027)
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21 May 07
It does seem a little silly for her to be on your back about not getting photos but yet to decide on a whim that it's not a good time for a new puppy. Who knows what her circumstances are though. Maybe she and her husband just decided to split up? Maybe she just lost her job or her company is railroading her to make her quit. If you look at it from that view, maybe it'll be a little easier since you can always imagine that the lady was only trying to do the responsible thing by letting you guys know. After all, she could have just dropped out of contact, and that would have been worse. Just a FYI.. a few months ago (March to be exact) I contacted a Corgi breeder about getting a show puppy in the next year or two. I had placed my adult Siberian in a pet home in December as she had developed seperation anxiety and I wasn't home enough to work her through it (they were) so I figured I would give myself a bit of time to get things in order and then I would have time to devote to showing and working with a new dog since she seemed to be settling in well and her new family adored her. By the middle of April, her new owners were getting upset about the damage she had caused (digging holes in walls, she used to dig up my carpet) and she'd beat up a family members Westie, so they said they were going to have to return her. I know she's never going to be happy as long as I have to work away from home (like almost everyone), but I took her back, and sent the Corgi breeder a quick letter thanking her for her time et al, but that I wouldn't be able to take on a new puppy like I'd planned. This breeder was awesome.. she gave me a long lesson on how Corgis are put together, their faults, health problems, taught me grooming techniques and even offered me a show quality male free on a co-ownership, but I feel terrible and I feel like my story is too long to explain it all to her now. I didn't want to waste her time either, but my circumstances didn't allow for a new dog. PS. I'd tell the breeder to invest in a computer. It's the best investment a dog fancier can make and it would save you a lot of time and aggravation rather than driving back and forth to home and work, as well as all the wear and tear on your machine doing work stuff.:)