Do you have different faveourite colours for different things?

@hezoid (2147)
May 17, 2007 3:38pm CST
When people ask me what my all time faveoruite colour is, i of course answer purple, beucase it is! yes as much as i love that colour, it's not my faveoruite colour for everything! So i have a couple of different faveoruite colours depending on the context of the question. For example, if someone were to ask me my faveourite colour for shoes, i'd say black, beacuse i like to ahve shoes that go with all my outfits. If someone aksed what would my faveoruite colour car be i'd probably plump for silver over purple, just becuase i've always liked silver cars! If someone asked me what my faveurite lipstick colour was, it wouldn't be purple, not would my fave nail polish could be purple either! I guess the fact is i don't just have oen faveoruite colour for everything in life. So what about you?
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@maddysmommy (16233)
• United States
18 May 07
Most of my clothes are either black, blue, brown with the occasional pink, red, purple tops. My favourite color for cars is red. I prefer to wear a light brown - medium brown shade of lipstick and if not, just a clear lip gloss. Nail polish is usually a lighter color either clear, light pink or something like that. My favourite color of all is black.