Are you proud of your country and why ?

@Ephylyos (155)
May 17, 2007 5:30pm CST
Do you agree with what happen in your country, are you proud in what your country does for you an other ?
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• Andorra
17 May 07
Im not proud of my country at all and i think politics here only look for their own benefit and they dont worry about their citizens problems. I live in Spain, and here things are always getting worse and worse, the economy is a disaster, buying a house is a dream for young people here, they are more expensive every year and people dont earn enough money to make it to the end of month. Television here is also horrible, it looks like they only want to brainwash people with those horrible tv shows, so im not very proud of my country at all, the only good thing here is weather, because of this we have a lot of tourism, and spanish women, they are the best, everything else is a disaster in my opinion.
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@Ephylyos (155)
17 May 07
I am sure there are a lot of good things too in your country ... look at mine ( I was born in France, but live in England)
4 Aug 07
I'm pround of my country (India), just because it's my homeland and it's devloping extremely quickly.
@qamarep (4453)
• Pakistan
20 Feb 10
yes and its a natural thing to be proud of our country