Does anyone breed?

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May 17, 2007 7:41pm CST
My friend and I both have chihuahuas, I have a male and she has a female. Their both perbreed. We want to breed them, but I've never done it before. Is there anything you should do ? Precautions to take? I heard females have a hard time breeding, is that true? I heard a lot of people make a career out of it, where do they sell them? I'm really clueless about the whole thing, but I love chihuahuas, they are great, and I'm not working right now so I'd be able to spend a lot of time taking care of them before they were sold. So whats everyone think? Help lol thanks, felicia
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17 Jun 07
Be very careful deciding to breed your chihuahua, especially if your female is tiny...never breed a small is better to breed a small male with a larger female...a pregnancy for a small chihuahua female can be deadly...and always results in a C-section birth...pups that are too big can kill her also...if there are more then 2 pups the vet will want to either end the pregnancy or remove the other pups. Just a few tips for you. Also tiny chihuahua pups are very tiny and you would need to take extra care to keep them warm and make sure they are feeding correctly.