Do you use ad trackers?

United States
May 17, 2007 8:32pm CST
I dont think most people dont use ad trackers in their advertising efforts. A friend of mine bought a email blaster the other day for $20. I asked her if she was tracking the ads she sent out in it. She said "what's an ad tracker?". I was so shocked! She had no clue. Well needless to say I explained it to her. I tried to stress the fact that there is no use advertising somewhere if its not working. That is just a plain waste of time. She even said making a tracking link was too much trouble. Well I tell you what, I much rather spend a few extra minutes making a tracking link than I would wasting money and time promoting somewhere thats not going to get me any hits. I would rather get rid of what's not working and replace it with something that is! Do you use an ad tracking link?
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