Hey Everyone i need all of your help here big time and i mean all of you!

@kitkat1 (1227)
May 17, 2007 9:45pm CST
I have been trying to start interesting discussions and have been getting alright results but i am at a stand still. I want to post a discussion that is interesting enough to you all out there to get 100 or more responses so i have decided to ask each and everyone of you the same question. What are your interests what would you like to discuss is there something that you would like to see more of in our dicussions? Give me some ideas of what you like if you will? Thanxs guys and gurls of mylott all suggestions will be very helpful to me.
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@youdontsay (3503)
• United States
18 May 07
It is more beneficial to you on myLot to respond to other people's discussions than it is to start a lot of discussions. It is also good to respond to other people's responses by adding information or comments. But if you want to know what interests people, go the the "interests" link at the top of the page and check out how many people are registered under each interest. And if you post your discussion under the appropriate interest, there will be more people there likely to respond because it is their interest, too.