Celebrations means........

celebrations means - what does celebration mean to you? what do you need to celebrate little things in life ? do you really celebrate every moment of your life ?
@deepti15 (1190)
May 18, 2007 12:16am CST
Celebration means...... Four friends. raining outside. Four glasses of beer. Celebration means...... Hundred bucks of petrol. A rusty old bike. And an open road. Celebration means...... Maggi noodles. A hostel room. 4.25 a.m. Celebration means...... 3 old friends. 3 separate cities. 3 coffee mugs. 1 internet messenger. Celebration means...... Rain on a hot tin roof. Pakoras deep-frying. Neighbours dropping in. A party. Celebration means...... You and mom. A summer night. A bottle of coconut oil. A head massage. You can spend Hundreds on birthdays, Thousands on festivals, Lakhs on weddings, but to celebrate all you have to do is spend your Time with your loved ones. Isn't it friends? Keep in touch with your loved ones ........ what does celebration mean to you? what do you need to celebrate little things in life? do you really celebrate every moment of your life? What do you say???
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@laltu86 (1253)
• India
20 May 07
TO me celebration can simply be defined a quality time either with my parents or my friends..A bozo party is not what i define as a celebrstion , though i like to attened parties i dont like to be a host , Not that i hate to spend money or things like that but i dont like it as simple as that..
@hollowheart (1572)
• India
19 May 07
Thats a real lon cute set of definitions to celebrate. However i have never celebrated in my 27 yrs off life. Not that i never organised irthday parties or anything like that. But i dont enjoy them. I feel sad, and broken. I am a very lonely person and thats what makes me hate a celebration. I rarely visit anybodies house too because all will have someone and something to talk about and there is nothing or none for me there. So if u call for a celebration i feel just sharing my broken heart with a lovely person like you and a few others on mylot and facebook who listen, and show that they care is all i understand as celebration.
• India
18 May 07
for me celebration only mean to have quality time with those whom i love, who i care about, who care about me. at home i celebrate with my family but not always. i always celebrate with my friends. 3 times a week. usually we celebrate with no serious reasons. but yesterday we all celebrated this time may be for the last time as our results were going to be declared. celebration for me and my friends mean to ride a bike with all my friends.