how many of you have seti project on your pc?

seti - astronomic antennas
@brizio (250)
May 18, 2007 3:10am CST
I have implemented seti since many years and now i run boinc for seti project and rosetta home!! YOU?
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• United States
18 May 07
I don't currently, but I did when SETI@home just started. It was pretty fun and I started a pretty big team (even got a certificate from Berkeley because the team contributed so much). I did some 2700 units (over 17000 hours), but I don't really know how that compares with the new system. Here is my profile there: I really should start doing the newer system, but I got busy and forgot about it!
@brizio (250)
• Italy
18 May 07
very goog results!! i do it only with my 3 pc at home and one of my friend but i have probably found a signal!! now i decide to run also bbc climate experiment!! my pc are centrino 1.6 GHZ, ram 1 GB amd 3600+, ram 512MB pentium 3 800 MHZ, 512 MB ram
@vogelvrij (196)
• Netherlands
31 Aug 08
Yes! I run SETI, Rosetta and Malariacontrol. They run simultanously on 1 machine only. Every little help extra is more than welcome! I have put myself into a team, but I dont care about the credits and the rankings. It just gives ME a very good feeling when I can sent a project back with the results. I was also a member of the, although it is a good project it will took me so many hours to complete a task, that one I quite. The projects are going to run when I am awake, first thing I do, after going to the bathroom ofcourse. And when I finished my day the computer is shut off. So the projects are running all day long.