Why only a girl/lady/wokman has to compromise?

May 18, 2007 4:11am CST
i can't understand why most of the time gals have to compromise in every matter. eithre in case of marriage or education or earnings. is it so that nature has made gals weak and compromising or has the god given all the comprmising capacity to gals only????
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@latsmom (824)
18 May 07
I think that women are priveledged to have this gift to be honest, although some men are good at comprimising too I think if anything this does give us the upper hand and comprimising surely is better than a fued or break up. I think all relationships, be it freindships , family or more need this special gift within their circles to keep from anarchy. If you think of most of the wars that have taken place in the world it is usually because the country leaders fail to compramise. i think that sometimes if something is very true to your heart you shoudl not have to dismiss your own opinions but to have a truly successful relationship I feel that we shoudl all take on board others opinions and feeligs even if they are not our own as this is all in the art of comprimise.