Old friends

May 18, 2007 8:11am CST
Can anybody tell me how to establish the relations with the old friends whom i feel the relations are totally disconnected? I have so many old friends. As time passes everybody is busy with their personal works. I want to know where they are?
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• China
19 May 07
Yes, I have the same feeling as you. I haven't kept in touch with many old friends now,especially former classmates in primary school,junior school,high school and university. Maybe all of us are so busy.But I usually try to keep in touch with my good friends by SMS and telephone. It is quite normal for me to send my wishes to them on festivals, their birthdays. When I am sad or happy, I will phone them to give me suggestions or share my happiness. If we are friends indeed, no matter the time pass by, we will keep the friendship like before. I won't hold myself aloof from them.As we all know, friendship takes time. It couldn't be established in short time. So if you have sincere friends around you, you need to cherish them. Try to give more to them. In fact, communication is very important between friends. A piece of message, a greeting call ,a mail,ect. all will make them happy. If time permitted, we could have a dinner together, or go for travel, that will consolidate our friendship. I really enjoy the life with friends.:) When I see your discussions, I find that I really forget some old friends, maybe I will contact with them right now.:)
@mik0930 (372)
• Philippines
18 May 07
Just contact them! Just talk to them the way you talk to them before. Just be yourself and it'll be fine. You may find lost friends on social networks.