indoor games VS outdoor games

May 18, 2007 8:30am CST
GAMES are liked by all kids. some like the indoor games whereas some like the outdoor games. ----outdoor----indoor-----? so which games ie indoor or outdoor is better for kids? PLEASE give me your suggestions.
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• United States
7 Jul 07
Outdoor games are always better. Fresh air, sunshine..everything a kid needs to grow up healthy. When i was growing up, we werent allowed to be inside if the sun was shining. And we learned alot of games, and ways to spend our time while never getting bored. Inside games are good too, asuming they are board games and stuff like it. Honestly video games are not good for kids. Unless they are learning ones. I dont see how shooting bad guys, or ninja fighting some wierd monster helps a child to grow in any productive way. Think about it like 50 years ago, or even 30 or didnt stay inside, and there wasnt near the amount of problems there are now a days with violence, and delinquents etc.... I say outdoor play all the way. lol