you still believe them?

May 18, 2007 8:44am CST
Everytime I watch TV, advertisements always pops up in the middle of the show. i really love to believe what they are promoting, like softer hair, more beautiful face, healthy white teeth, and soft skin. If these ads were true, should all the people be beautiful? why not? each one of us is going to look like hollywood stars. But i guess these ads are really fake. And I hate these ads.. really hate them. what about you? do share your thoughts
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• Singapore
18 May 07
I may want to believe in them but that's that. I will still do my own research and judge for myself if the claim is indeed true, if I should indeed try it out. They do influence our minds subconsciously so we have to consciously be rational. ;-)
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• Philippines
30 May 07
yeah but it would be much better if they tell truth and not pay large amounts just to lie.
• Malaysia
3 Jun 07
what i wana comment is... now a days... too many competitor in the market... what they can do is as creative and beutiful as just for fighting the market sales... some of it can know is cheat but just simply telling the truth just hard to attract them to buy... anyway,,, as long as no hurt our healthy is ok of it... do u aggree?