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May 18, 2007 10:44am CST
months ago i had posted about my 3 year old daughter being a thumb sucker and adive on how to stop it. everyone said let it be, but then she had a denitst appointment and he said it was started to push out her teeth and she needed to stop. he told her to stop sucking her thumb and gave her a chart with boxes of suns and moons. every day and night that she doesn't suck her thumb she gets a sticker. and when she is done the chart i will buy her a surprise. anyway. it took about two days and she completely stopped sucking her thumb. it really helped having the dentist tell her to stop and the sticker sheet is working great. i'm so proud of her for stopping so quickly. just wanted to let other people know how great this worked for me if their kids are thumb suckers also.
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@carlaabt (3505)
• United States
18 May 07
That's great! My son is a thumb sucker, too. I don't think we could stop the habit this early with stickers, though. He just doesn't care about them yet. It's amazing what kids will do when they have a chart that tells them to, though. My sister used sticker charts with so much stuff for my nieces! If my son is still sucking his thumb in a few months, we might try the sticker chart. His pediatrician said not to worry about it right now, because most kids stop on their own by 2. As much as he sucks it right now, though, I don't think he is going to be one of those kids. Thanks for the idea.
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@stacy624 (2777)
• Canada
18 May 07
Thats Great! I am rally happy this method worked for her, and its wonderful that your dentist sat and listened to your concerns to help your daughter. You will have to keep us all posted in her progress. Please let your daughter know Stacy says Congratulation and keep up the great job =) Have a wonderful day Stacy
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