your friend's ex-bf

May 18, 2007 1:23pm CST
If your friends ex-bf likes you,would you believe him and are you going to tell your friend whats going on or just keep it to yourself so as not to create misunderstanding? If you are the ex-gf here what would you do, are you giving them the blessing or you will hate them?
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@diillu (5128)
18 May 07
I think if i was in that situation i would not believe him at all. Coz' he is already an ex of my friend and i think he now doesn't deserve me at least. I would tell it to my friend if she is a close would be good. And if she just a friend then i think it will be better not talking about it anymore.
@Akeela (2079)
• Trinidad And Tobago
18 May 07
First of all your breaking a code of friendship, how did they all broke up , dont you think it might happen to you. How would you feel if he get back together when you are bothe together, how much a friend is this person to you?
• United States
18 May 07
I wouldn't date a friends ex, its tasteless and my friend is more important than some guy. And if he's an ex of a friend I probably already know all his bad points and the reason he is her ex in the first place.