what is best a 2 year age gap or 2 or more age gap between siblings?

Brothers - My sons posing. The younger brother posing as a monster with eyes open wide with his older brother hugging him.My older son is taking care that his young brother would not fall on the floor and would pose for the camera.
May 18, 2007 1:50pm CST
Family planning suggests that the best age gap between giving birth is 2 years. I agree, inorder for mothers to rest, there should be a minimum gap of 2 years between siblings. But for me there is a 4 year gap before I agve birth. So my sons have a 4 year age gap. I've observe that though my son son is now more responsible in his actions regarding his relationship with my younger son there is still a great sibling rivalry between them. Though my younger son idolizes his older brother, there is still some gaps between the. Having seen siblings with 2 year age gaps between them ( my in-laws have them ) I can say that there is a great difference between siblings with 2 year age gap and 2 or more age gap. The one thing I have observe with my son is I can let my older son understand more why I have to give more time with my younger son. But I guess it depends on the situation of parents and how the children are reared that age gaps won't matter anymore..
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• United States
18 May 07
There are a lot of factors to be considered here. I have had several children and have been able to live with the pros and cons of having children born several years apart or very close together. My oldest daughter benefitted from a three and a half year gap between her and the next child. She has a hearing loss and high functioning autism. This extended time between children gave my daughter the extra time and one on one attention she needed to catch up developmentally and learn to adapt to her disabilities. Now children 2 and 3 are different. They are only 9 months, 3 weeks apart and are as close as twins. When they were younger it was very difficult with them as it always seemed that one child was just getting out of a phase as the other was going into it. But as they have gotten older, it has proven to be a blessing. Child number 4 and 5 were soon to follow with about a year between them and their older siblings. This was also a good match and they were all boys. I believe that has made a difference as well. Child number 5 was born with several congenital abnormalities that have required numerous surgeries over the years. Due to this, we didn't have child number 6 until 3 years later. This was after the bulk of the surgeries were completed for child number 5. And this three year difference has been a good one as well. I believe it depends on circumstances, environment, a child's personality in general, family dynamics and how experienced a parent you are. Maybe there really isn't any age gap that is the very best but certainly spacing children out isn't a bad idea.
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20 May 07
I agree with you, there are lot of factors to be considered not only i spacing. I believe also that we have to study many pros and cons in deciding when to have babies. The are many benefits in having a wide gap for my 2 siblings for me, but I have also seen some disadvantages. I guess for me the pros outweights the cons.
• Canada
18 May 07
My kids are almost exactly 4 yrs apart and its been great my son starts school in september so I will have only one during the day and he is so great with his little sister. they play together all the time and she just adores him. They scream together and laugh and when one cries the other does too LOL they are very sensitive kids but I would change how far apart they are in age. I plan to have at least 2 more and I want to have them in 4 yr intervals.
• Philippines
18 May 07
Yah, its really great that i have a 4 year gap between my kids. I don't have to woory to much for my 8 year old son could watch over my younger son for a while. He so responsible in watching over his brother... I was glad that they had a 4 year interval. It's been great so far..