Please.. do THIS!

@breepeace (3027)
May 18, 2007 5:00pm CST
It drives me crazy when people respond to a discussion without reading the discussion in full. I'm sure most of you have experienced this at some point or another. I implore you people, read the discussion and then a few of the responses if not ALL the responses before responding. You aren't adding anything helpful if the original poster has already stated exactly what you say in your response and it makes you very silly.
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@carolscash (9500)
• United States
18 May 07
I always read the entire discussion question and then I usually read at least half of hte responses. Sometimes you can't say a lot more than the others have, but it always nice to be able to post something about the subject on here.
• Philippines
19 May 07
yes, we must make responses which are in line with what is asked in the discussion at hand. we can do this only if we read through the entire discussion first before posting a response. you must have noticed by now that most one liner respnoses, some even come with 3 to 5 words only, are not really thought of. they are gunning for the earnings.
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• Canada
20 May 07
Well you see the books about... LOL just kidding... I know what you mean I did several post about peoples fav song by a specific musician in that musicians topic and people were post other fav songs! it is sooo annoying! I think I'm just going to start giving them bad ratings
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• Philippines
19 May 07
usually, i make my response, as soon as, i have fully read the discussion at hand. soon after, i try to see the entries of the others. it is better this way because, i will be able to post what is it really that goes in my head when i have read the discussion. it seems commonplace here that we received responses from ones who obviously, have not read entirely the discussion that we have posted. these are the ones who are out for the money only. we will have to bear with them.